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The mission of the Bethany Project is to restore women and men from spiritual lack due to depression, insecurities, lukewarm faith, demands of life, and a lackluster relationship with God, by providing a place of rest where they will be nurtured back to full restoration in Christ, by fortifying a lasting relationship of love, submission, and admiration of Him through hope, love, support and courage; by providing ladies and gentlemen with the guidance needed to build a meaningful and lasting relationship with God and one another. 


In the Bible, Bethany was a place spoken of often during the ministry of Christ. There, Lazarus was physically raised from the dead. Then there were others like Mary Magdalene who were raised from the spiritual dead.

Many meaningful relationships were birthed with Jesus during the intimate time spent with Him in the town of Bethany. Now Jesus has made Melinda King the steward for such a time as this to recreate a modern time Bethany where intimate and meaningful relationships will be birthed and lives transformed- all by giving people a safe place to meet God and His unwavering love

Melinda is a Disciple of Christ, mom, nurse, Keynote Speaker, Life Transformation Coach, and visionary. She is passionate about helping the hurting and forgotten. As a survivor of PTSD from the result of childhood and adult trauma, her gift of empathy is rooted in her heart, and it becomes palpable to those around her. Once she had an encounter with God in 2010, she has made it her mission to help others to experience what she has - a real and meaningful relationship with Him. 

message from Melinda:                  

Hi friend. Can I share with you that I have walked in your shoes. Doubt, fear, anguish, pain, and confusion seemed to follow me wherever I would go. I could not understand how a God that people said loved the world so much could possibly love me and allow me to experience so much in life. Then He captivated me and showed me a love that I never thought could exist. He loved me through my issues and instilled a passion in me to give what I have with Him to everyone I meet. If you would like to reach out,  kindly click the mail icon below and your message will come directly to me. I am so glad that you are here. God has been waiting on you and so have I.  

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