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Jayden’s Haven™

Jayden’s Haven™- is located in Richmond, VA and women are invited to come to take part in our 8-day retreat- Ladies at the Well™- founded from John 4:4-30.

Daughters of the King, seeking total restoration of self and their relationship with God, will have the opportunity to do this on the campus of the Bethany Project.  Like the town of Bethany, when Jesus stayed there, He was often burdened and found renewal in strength by being surrounded by friends who too needed to be uplifted and restored in faith, hope and truth.

Jayden's Haven will recreate that atmosphere and will bring a time of rest and renewal, just as Jesus experienced during His many visits to Bethany. Bethany was indeed a place of retreat that our Savior tarried to minister to others, resurrect the dead- both physically and spiritually, heal those that were sick, restore childlike faith, and to be severed and loved by others. Every woman will experience just that during their time here.

Ladies at the Well will enjoy:

•Being led by the founder of the Bethany Project, Melinda King, who is a dedicated woman in Christ that went through a valley season of twenty-six months that included despair, torment, fear, doubt, a diagnosis of an auto-immune disease, the loss of a job, and home, and by the grace of God, was brought out and healed by Him, during her own Bethany experience

•A dedicated all-women staff that includes a Pastor, Life Coach, Devotion Leader, and Clinical Counselor 

Fortifying the habit of building dedicated prayer time with God

•A spiritual aptitude test will be administered  to learn her strength and weaknesses, and find a ministry that will fit for her to grow in once she returns to her home church

•A connection with other women that are experiencing spiritual drought in their lives so they know they aren’t alone

•Worship in the house of the Lord

•Learning to fast effectively to hear the Lord clearer

•Outings as a group that will build a balanced and healthy lifestyle

•Homestyle meals and fellowship that will create a lasting community with one another that is sure to provide hope, love, support and courage 

•A graduation celebration to recognize the work each woman did from entering broken, but now leaving transformed by the power of knowing Jesus Christ personally after being nourished back to spiritual and emotional wellbeing

•Weekly follow-ups with the graduate and monthly check-ins with her leader at her home church for 90 days after leaving Jayden's Haven to ensure spiritual renewal, and growth in the foundation of truth, her relationship with God and continued knowledge in the Word is still growing strong

For more information, kindly contact us via our "Connect with your village" page. We cannot wait to see you grow in the love of Jesus.

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